What Parents Say About Tutoring for Success


"If you are looking for a tutor to raise your teenager's SAT score, Sylvia Verange is the absolute best. My daughter was unhappy with her math score (590) and no matter how many practice tests she did, felt she was misreading the problems, and squandering precious test time working them incorrectly. Her first session with Sylvia was a revelation.
My daughter came home, astonished that she could now recognize both the equation and the strategy with clarity that had been lacking in other prep courses or online tutorials. 

We had about a month until she would take the SAT again, and Sylvia was flexible about scheduling more than a half dozen sessions to fit the time we had, each  more productive than the last. My daughter found her extremely easy to talk to, and learn from. With her new mastery of SAT math, they even devoted some time to reviewing her essay, for pointers on improving it as well. 

Bottom line: her score jumped almost 300 points: a perfect 800 for writing, another 800 for reading, and a math score of 720.  
It's a game-changer, all thanks to Sylvia. Whatever plateau your child has hit academically, whatever their challenge, I'm convinced she can help any student improve and achieve because she gives them the tools that grow their confidence. Sylvia is worth every cent, and more!

                        DN, Marin

I want to thank you for all you have done to help my son William with the S.A.T. test. It definitely paid off. Through your efforts and help, William increased his Reading Score by 120 points and his Math Score by 100 points, going from a 1920 to a 2230, an increase of 310 points when you combine all the best scores.

I appreciate your willingness to work within our needs and to keep his learning needs in mind, diverting from your usual program specifically for him. During the tutoring sessions, Will relayed that he did not feel pressured or stressed, but rather felt that your strategies made a huge difference in his overall performance. Sylvia, if anyone would like a reference, please steer them my way. I am all too happy to talk of your great work with my son! Thank you so much, and we will be back with Julia (his younger sister) in a couple years, if not sooner!"     CH, San Anselmo

“With Sylvia's help, I raised my SAT score 270 points: Results: Reading 800, Writing 800, Math 720.I now have a score that isn't just "in the range" for the universities I'm applying to, it's beyond it.  Sylvia went through every topic on the SAT, comprehensively teaching me strategies and procedures so I could tackle EVERY question on the test.  She targets the weak points in students' understanding, and ensures that they feel confident in those points by the  time they take the test.  This was a great experience and an awesome result!"

Postscript Note:  After working with Sylvia, my SAT score jumped to the top 1% of US students and I have received several offers, each over $200,000 in scholarship awards from colleges, including USC, University of Chicago, Northeastern, and more.

Various Subject Areas

"Sylvia is versed in many subjects including Science, Spanish and English, but it is as my eighth-grade daughter Charlotte’s math tutor that she has performed the nearly inconceivable -- she has made Algebra palatable to a previously reluctant and demoralized student. Since my daughter began working with Sylvia, I have witnessed a hugely positive attitude change. Not long ago, Charlotte dreaded math. She now approaches it with a growing degree of skill and confidence and Sylvia is the reason.

Sylvia not only understands her subject matter well, she is a sensitive and effective communicator. She is able to explain difficult concepts clearly and patiently. She does not condescend, but coaxes gently when the concepts are difficult, and pushes harder when she knows that my daughter already possesses the skill set. I also appreciate Sylvia’s analytical abilities. 

She understands my daughter’s abilities and charts a course that is attainable and appropriate. Instead of merely looking to help my daughter score highly on the next school test, she is growing Charlotte’s basic skills as a foundation for future growth and continued success in math. To me, that is not only smart teaching, but extremely ethical behavior. "
HL, Tiburon

“Sylvia’s tutoring helped a ton!  My daughter pulled through with Sylvia’s help and support.” 

RG, Greenbrae.

“My daughter went from a “D” in Math to an “A”.  I knew how to do the material but I also knew I couldn’t work with my own daughter so I  hired Sylvia.” 

J.C., San Anselmo

"What distinguishes Sylvia is the compassionate attention with which she speaks with her students. There's never any form of 'talking down to' or trying to motivate by cajoling or using a louder voice. Empathy is a key to her communication. I suspect this is why she is very successful."
AY, Corte Madera

"I was at wit's end over what to do when a friend referred me to Tutoring for Success.  I called Sylvia right before final exams in complete distress over my son's grade in Math.  Sylvia clearly understood the difficulty my son was having in his math class.We scheduled 2 sessions with her and my son managed to pulll a C on the final, up from an F.  Next time I am not going to let things get this bad before I call Tutoring for Success."  

JA, San Anselmo

"Sylvia is the reason I am now at University of California, Santa Cruz.  I could never have done it without her."  

JR, former student at Tam High

"We began working with Sylvia when my children were in 5th and 9th grades.  With her support, we got both kids through High School and on to the colleges of their dreams.  My daughter returned after 4 years of college and Sylvia once again coached her for the CBEST to begin her career in teaching.  She loves it and as she says,  Sylvia got her there."

JL, Ross

"My dad is a mathematician.  When he explains a problem to me, I understand the first step and then I get lost.  He just says you do this, then this, and then this,....got it?  and of course I don't.  Sylvia explains things in a way I understand.  I actually understand it now."  

LM, Tiburon.